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Winstrol Benefits : 7 Ways The Cutting Steroid Winny Helps Harden Muscles

Winstrol which is often referred to as “Winny” is a synthetic anabolic steroid often times used by bodybuilders in their cutting cycle. The winstrol benefits are mostly the increase in strength, improved athletic performance and the lean hard muscle gains it provides.

Winstrol is popular amongst bodybuilder because it hardens the muscles, It is most of the time used in their cutting cycle and will provide users with a dryer and more vascular physique.

Winny may not be the most effective steroid for building muscle mass and other steroids are mostly used for that purpose.

However it has anabolic effects which will deliver an substantial increase in strength levels and performance.

Therefore it is also used by athletes that don’t necessarily need more muscle mass but instead want to benefits of increased speed, strength and performance.

Unlike most steroids which are injected into the body, Winstrol is mostly consumed orally which is more toxic for the liver.

The winstrol results are definitely great for any athlete or bodybuilder but the nasty side effects which refrain many people from using it.

Here’s the deal:
You’ll be surprised to learn that you can actually get the winstrol benefits without having to experience the side effects.

Later on in this article we will tell you exactly how you can do that.

Top 7 Winstrol Benefits
There are complex processes which are responsible for the winstrol benefits.

In this section of the article we will explain how winstrol affects the body and what benefits come with using it.

Doesn’t aromatize into estrogen
One of the main reasons Winstrol is used as a “cutting steroid” is because it doesn’t convert into estrogen.

This will make side effects such as gynecomastia less likely to occur.

It also eliminates the possibility of water retention which means that the muscle you build will be pure lean muscle mass.

Hardens Muscles
One of the most desirable effects of any gym rat or bodybuilder is harder muscles.

Winstrol hardens the muscles significantly.

Even though it’s not very powerful for building pounds of muscle mass, it is rarely used for that purpose.

Helps lose fat
Even though anabolic steroid do not help the body to lose fat they can create an effect were you don’t store body fat.

By helping preserving muscle mass your metabolism will be higher.

Making it easier to burn off fat without losing any muscle.

Increase protein synthesis
Like most anabolic steroids Winstrol increases protein synthesis.

One of the most profound effect of building muscle faster.

Here’s the deal:
While Winstrol is not known for it’s ability to pack on mass it helps users get more lean and harder muscles.

Increase in performance, strength and speed
One of the biggest traits of Winstrol is the strength gains users experience when using it.

It will improve upon performance, strenght and speed.

Making this steroid a very valuable tool for every athlete that wants to improve their performance.

Here’s the kicker:
Being illegal in most sporting organisations makes it harder for athletes to take advantage of Winstrol.

The most famous doping scandal of all times was when Ben Johnson won the 100m sprint in the 1988 Olympics.

Later it got discovered he was actually using Winstrol to improve his performance.

Increase Nitrogen Retention

More nitrogen retention means more muscle growth.

Nitrogens are found in amino acids the foundation of protein.

If your body has more nitrogens leftover than it uses throughout the day, it will result in an increase in muscle mass.

Winstrol is one of the few steroids that does not make you retain water.

It hardens the muscles and helps the body lose fat.

As a result users who are in a low body fat percentage prior to using Winstrol get more vascular by using it.

Top 3 Most Dangerous Winstrol Side Effects

Like all steroids winstrol comes with side effects.

Some of them are actually pretty serious and this is definitely a concern for users.

Here are the 3 most dangerous winstrol side effects:

Increase in bad cholesterol
Winstrol increases LDL(bad cholesterol) and decreases HDL(good cholesterol).

This is a concern because increase in LDL can cause complications such as heart attack or a stroke.

Keep this in mind:
So if you already have high cholesterol it is definitely advised to stay of Winstrol completely.

Toxic to the liver
Winstrol is toxic to the liver both in tablet form and injectable form.

The steroid causes elevated liver enzymes.

This can damage cells in the liver but on the bright side the liver has incredible healing properties and will mostly heal with discontinued use.

It’s however a concern and permanent damage is always a risk.

Testosterone Suppression
Like all steroids Winstrol causes suppression in natural testosterone production.

This is definitely a big concern since testosterone is responsible for key factors that make us men.

Here’s the worst part:
Low levels of testosterone can cause increase in body fat, loss of muscle mass and decreased libido.

It’s also in some cases an irreversible process, where your body shuts down it’s testosterone production without being able to regain it.

Get The Winstrol Benefits Without Side Effects
In recent years nutrition and supplement companies have attempted to create safe Winstrol alternatives.

By combining certain scientifically proven ingredients in a formula to mimic the muscle building effects of winstrol without side effects.

This process has been a big success.

Premium supplement companies are now offering Winstrol alternatives that are safe and side effect free.

They were able to achieve this by using the help of science to identify ingredients that have similar effects as winstrol but are safe.

So far there are a few of these supplements available on the market.

However not all of them work as promised.

That’s why we researched these winstrol alternatives a lot.

Through our research we were able to identify the best winstrol alternative on the market that actually works.

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