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Turinabol – 10mg per tab
Sustanon – 250mg/ml
Deca – 300mg/ml

Turinabol | Sustanon | Deca

Get big but not too water bloated. T-ball is similar to D-ball but without the water bloating. It was developed in Germany during the East German Olympics for 69 team. Tball gets you strong and deca will lube up those joints so push so weight and get big.You’ll develop quality muscle if you put the effort in. Good combo for the average Joe.

Suggested Dosage and administration

1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month
Sust 2 ml per week 3 ml per week 3 ml per week
Deca 1 ml per week 2 ml per week 2 ml per week
Tbal 4 per day 5 per day 6 per day

Note: When you’re taking multiple tablets per day we recommend to split up the daily dose into twice a day.