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Super Shred


Test Prop – 100mg/ml
Masteron Prop – 150mg/ml
Tren Acetate – 100mg/ml

Test Prop | Masteron Prop | Tren Acetate | Super Shred Stacks

Super Shred Stacks – This one will get you super hard , tren (fina) makes you hard like granite and strong like a bull. The masteron makes you look like you just stepped out of the gym all day long. No bloating with this combo, you’ll just be hard like rock. The longer you stay on it the harder you’ll get. You need to be in good shape taking this combo. If you have a spare tire in front of you use a fat burner like fb 140 to get rid of it.

Dosage and administration

1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month
Every 2 days take 1ml of each Every 2 days take 1 ml of each Every 2 days take 1 1/2 ml of each